Saturday, December 3, 2011

On The 22nd Day OF Christmas I Asked For This Gift...

That's right...a DVD player. 

With this one machine there's hope for me to lose my flab. 

I know, I know, chasing cattle holding down a sheep and riding hogs for 8 seconds is good for me too, but I need to keep my heart rate up for at least 10 minutes per Bob Harper.

We have a DVD player but my son who is infatuated with how things work stuck one too many things into our combo VCR/DVD player. 

May it rest in peace with tiny race car jamming it up inside so it won't work. 

Personally, I think the chocolate chips and Levi are in cahoots with one another, I'm sure of it.  Keep mom fat and there's more to snuggle.  I don't know why...the kids love trying to pig pile me when I'm trying to do a sit-up.

So on to my Christmas memory:

My Christmas memory is from last year.  But before I start it, I'm going to mention (for mentioning sake) that I talk a lot about being poor or not having much money.  Personally, I think it makes a better person.  When you don't have a lot and you have to make do, it also makes for better memories...for example:

  We didn't have a lot of money last year at Christmas...=) we had just gotten in a new cattle owner who wanted to test the waters and keep us at 200 for the first go round (which is less than half).  While it was nice to have cattle in, from not having cattle in for so long, we were barely paying our bills and didn't have much for Christmas.

Our tree that I had had since Ash was three had no life left in it.  In fact, we looked all over for the stand and couldn't find it.  Now what?  One day I decided we would have an "alternative tree".  The kids and I combed the Internet. 

We found some pretty interesting ideas. 

We settled on cutting one of our little sapling cottonwoods down and painted it white and covered it in glitter.  It was a fun project to work on .  It looked pathetic but we loved working on it and everybody got in on it.  We made a ton of new ornaments for it as well. 

I talked to my daughter Ash on the phone tonight and she said her and her dad were putting up their tree after supper.  I told her we were going to wait to put ours up until she got home. 

"Wait. Are we going to put up the little oak tree again? Or did you go out and buy one?"

"Yes we bought one." 
"YES!!!  But I can't wait to tell my kids about our little oak tree I had growing up mom!"

It was a cottonwood....but I'm glad it made you smile!

The charity I want to share with you is the Watertown SD Boys & Girls Club:

" Why give to the Boys and Girls Club?
The Boys and Girls Club of Watertown has been able to offer helpful services to youth and families because of the generous contributions from people like you!
Our past supporters have helped the Boys and Girls Club of Watertown to positively impact over 4,000 youth members annually.
 past supporters have helped the Boys and Girls Club of Watertown to positively impact over 4,000 youth members annually."  from their website
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  1. Suzanne, Christmas this year is for me is not going to involve hardly any gift giving. I don't have any little ones or grandkids yet. I vowed to myself to keep it simple this year. The simple Christmases have always been the best . oxo Terah