Saturday, December 10, 2011

On The 15th Day Of Christmas, I Asked For This Gift...

A ranch in North Dakota.

I know, I know, I'm more than happy with our place but there's something about North Dakota.  It's

Not sure what it is.  Yes I do, it's beautiful! 

When I tell people this they usually look at me kind of funny.  So for a while, I've been in the "closet" about my love for this great state. 
Just to let you know, I feel like a dork admitting this to you all, but I've watched Prairie Rose Reality's website for umm, about 12 years.  No joke. 

My first husband and I actually went and looked at a few ranches.  One in particular by the Cannon Ball River.  It was so beautiful I thought I may have chained myself to the mailbox...good thing I didn't...

Now if Big D takes me out there....

AND I saw this...we'd both fall in love. 

Ron and I are actually interested in land out there.  Will we ever get it?  Who knows.  If we do, we will definitely go through Prairie Rose, they have always find the best farms, ranches and land for sale.  Ron and I would love to have a guide hunting service out there, and a B &B. 


OR we could bring Sweetie out there and start building our cattle herd, then bring the calves here to Cody who will have the feedlot....See, I have it all planned!

Check out their great website,  you'll find some great ranch land, farms and sporting areas for whatever your needs maybe.   Just remember, if you do buy a place, get a spare room for me to visit.

Can you tell I love it out there!?!

My favorite Christmas memory for today

We  used to  visit the great state of North Dakota quite a bit. My first husband's family came from out by Ellendale.  On Christmas, we would pack up the vehicle  and head to solitude.  I loved it.  One night we got there late, as you can imagine it was very late.  His uncle George was a bachelor so he never even went upstairs except to get food, he used on of the bedrooms as a pantry.  So we go up to that particular room, put our bags down and pull back the old bedspread and there it was...

About 10 pounds of rice. 

"What the heck??"  Chris yelled down to Geoge who ran upstairs. 

"That's where all those damn mice have been putting my rice!"

"NEXT!" I yell headed across the hall with my stuff.


My charity is this:

"Welcome to Farm Rescue!
We are a one-of-a-kind nonprofit organization that plants and harvests crops free of charge for family farmers who have suffered a major illness, injury or natural disaster.
Our ability to help families on the land is 100% dependent upon some pretty amazing people - volunteers, sponsors and individual donors. They give of their time, talents and financial resources to help put a crop in the ground or harvest its bounty for families that are in crisis. Selfless acts. Selfless people. It doesn't get much better than that in our book!"  -from their website


Fairchild "Thank goodness I don't have to check the sheets" Farmgirl

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