Thursday, June 16, 2011

AND Momma Bear Said "It's My Birthday But Somebody Musta Ate My Cake 'Cause I Don't See One..."

Okay so I'm over it...I had to make my own cake.  Ron was really busy...

But there was our two eldest kids...they said they couldn't read the cake box...(hmmm, I wonder what the A honor roll really means and why they are on it? =)) so I made one heck of a German Chocolate cake with my rodeo queen.  

We had a blast.  It's fancy.  I like to bake and eat fancy cakes. 

I did get some nice gestures from my 2 eldest though, Cody cleaned the fridge and scrubbed it. I hate that job.  He knows that. Now it sparkles.

Kara cleaned the Yukon this morning and it looks great.  Yesterday it had rotten apples under the seat, now it's vacuumed without a speck of dirt on the floors...just a minute, I'm going to go sit in it and look around.  I'll be back in five, I'm going to go and relish in it's cleanliness. 

Okay I'm back. It's full of flies.  Bugs ruined my moment.  Oh and about the kids, did I mention that neither one complained about it either.  How great is that?  They are off the hook about the cake mess.

Hopefully they roll with that "no complaining" and give baths...this photo is Maggie and Levi and I think it's pretty self explanatory. Yes that is butter in Maggie's bangs.  See the look at Levi?  I bet she's surprised that he actually got it in his mouth and not in his hair like herself.  I realize that he is licking a butter knife, not to worry, its not sharp and he's a pro at it. 

Then, this afternoon Bruce Springsteen stopped by for a concert.  No, (I wish!) but he did accompany me out in CD form to the grapes where he did his 9/11 concert "The Rising" and we worked out there tucking grapevines in wire so they vines grow upright.   I know, you're probably thinking that you'd rather watch paint dry, but it's awesome out there. I love the grapes.  It's so beautiful and peaceful.  Just me and my tunes/Bruce.  I/we got a lot done. 

Although, I do wish "Sunscreen" came out with us, I have one heck of a sunburn!!  Ouch!

Then to make my day really great, D made dinner, he makes the most wonderful BBQ chicken with the birds we raise.  Currently he's finding some lotion for my back...why did I wear a tank top?  "Yeah Big D, I did put that lotion in the fridge for a good reason." My back feels like a piece of chicken that he seared tonight.  I don't care if he puts manure on me, just so it's cold! 

And right now, I'm doing another thing that I'm really passionate about....writing.  Thanks for my sister Betsy who told me to "start writing a blog, I know you could do it!"   Here she's pictured with her bestest brother-n-law, Big D.

Also to all all my Face book friends, email buddies and family that called/emailed me and gave me birthday wishes.  It was a great day!

Happy Trails!


  1. Happy Birthday to you and your little ones. :) I'd much rather have my kids clean the refrigerator and the car, even if it means making my own cake. That's a gorgeous one there too! I've enjoyed visiting your blog and reading about your farm and family. :)

  2. Happy Birthday Suzanne! Clean is the best present ever. Thanks to Betsy for starting you blogging. It's good for your soul and mine. Terah