Monday, June 27, 2011

Manic Monday Guest Blog: Jodi Fuller of Hamps and Downs

Hello! Here's my friend Jodi of Hamps and Downs to tell you all about her "Most Embarrassing Moment".  You will laugh your butt off, only because it's happened to us all before.  Mine was cattle out of a semi in the dead of winter...a story I will tell another time. =)

Take it away Jodi....

Suzanne and I have been telephone and email buddies for several years and we finally met "up close and personal" about 10 days ago. Of course, the meeting was sheep related and I was invited do a guest blog about something embarrassing. Oh my, the possibilities are endless ! In past years, we exhibited Hampshire and Southdown sheep at 10 fairs throughout the summer months and one of those fairs was the Minnesota state fair.

We had finally maneuvered our way thru mid-afternoon traffic and headed toward home. We stopped in Hutchinson for fuel and the side door of the trailer was opened to allow additional air for the sheep. We did have a metal panel securely tired inside that door -- well usually it was very secure ! We paid for the fuel and headed down the street for a bite to eat. Just as our burgers were served, someone comes inside and casually asks "anybody in here have sheep ? They are all over the parking lot !"

We headed out the door hoping the escaped sheep belonged to someone else (yeah, what were the chances of that happening ?) The "totally" secure panel was no longer secure and apparently the side door had not be closed --- yup, there were show sheep scattered across the parking lot and they looked very familiar. We set up a catch pen using some folding gates we always carry just in case we have sheep loose in a Hardee's parking lot. The sheep were totally lost in their new environment and were easily chased back into the trailer.

Realizing the outcome could have been far worse, we had a quick supper and back on the road again. Needless to say....the inside panel was always checked when we traveled and the side trailer door closed prior to hitting the road.

On Friday, we helped a couple young fellas from Texas who had several horned rams escape from their trailer in a huge parking lot at the Missouri State Fair grounds. Thirty minutes later, the rams were finally cornered and forced into their trailer. I am not convinced the owner believed my comment that someday he would laugh at the experience.

Jody Fuller, Clark, South Dakota

Also wanted to say that Jodi's hubby Bill has been showing sheep for 60 years as of last year!

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  1. number 13 isn't such a bad number after all.... right???

    And great story! Thanks for sharing