Monday, June 6, 2011

Boys Will Be Boys

This is our son Cody, he turned 14 today.  He is taller than me by two inches but sadly doesn't outweigh me.  (Darn it!!)  You won't see much of him in my posts, he's shy and doesn't like the camera.  Pretty elusive if you ask me.  It's sort of like the science channel programs about the Swampthing and Sasquatch.  You know they're there, you just can't see them.  This is as close as he will get to a camera when we do our little photo shoots.  Here he's helping sort cattle. 

Notice the barn boots?  That's my boy.  100 degrees out and boots are on. 

Fourteen years ago he was born to Ron and Amy, obviously it was a great day for them.  You see, for those who don't know, Cody isn't my biological son.  Ron's first wife died of cancer when she was 30.  When I started dating Ron, it didn't take long before Cody and Kara were calling me mom.  It was awesome.  About four years ago I adopted them but I have always felt like their mom. 

Hey, I got a closer one.  Cool.  Pretty soon the he's going to be beating the ladies off with stick he's so cute.  But, maybe that's just mom talk.

He plays baseball and football, he makes good grades in school, he's funny, he's an amazing help but most of all he's a darn good big brother. 

For example, tonight the manure haulers came to haul while it's semi cool out. So I got back from the T-ballers game and was giving baths, trying to clean house, etc. Levi, whom we are trying to potty train did so well today that we didn't have a diaper on him.   He comes in all excited..."Me poop outside!"


"That's great honey, show me where." I said to him taking his hand and noticing the poop marks on his leg.  Double yuck. 
"Me haul poop...daddy, yup!"  He says all excited and he brings me to his sand box...(nooooooo argh!) not the sand box!  The little pumpkin pooped and probably thought, "Hey, I can use this! I'll be just like dad hauling poop!" 

OR maybe he just pooped outside like a 3 year old boy without a diaper on, mom.  Get a grip lady! 

"Mom, he probably has some dog poop," Cody whispers, laughing as we look for the "pile".

(Look at the watering can, there's a little branch at 6:00.  The poop is right below it.  Now I will crawl in a hole and die of embarrasment that I showed you my 3 year old's poo poo.)

"Negative, look at his leg." I say with a sigh. 
"Ohhh....ick, it looks like it's in his boot.  I'll wash it out." He says laughing. "Levi, good job on the poop!"
"Yup!" His little buddy says with a grin. "Me daddy!"

In my book, it's a good kid who will wash his brother's "homemade" manure out of his boot on his 14 birthday. 

Happy Birthday buddy, you're the best,
Love mom.

Happy trails!

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