Sunday, June 5, 2011

What made me happy today

Today was an exceptionally good day, here's why:

  • Big D got me new measuring cups.  Yes, I realize I hold simple pleasures dear to me.  You try measuring out eight cups of bread flour with a 1/3 cup measure. Okay, 8 x 3= ummm 24!  Not cool.  I'm sure I'll find my old ones, out in the lawn round but in a square shape thanks to the kids and my trusty "Cub Cadet".
  • Eldest son raked hay for us...(sniffle sniffle he's getting so big!)  So we could get other things done.

  • My dirty hillbilly daughter playing in our "sand" (really gravel) box in only her shirt and a diaper...I wonder what kind of load she's going to have?
  • Same picture, my kid taking after his momma...wearing barn boots for no particular reason.

  • Big D bought me 100 flowers to plant.  Here's another secret about me...I love to garden but suck at it.  But with ever spring there's new hope. 
But what made me smile the most?

A quote from my daughter:

"Mom, I know you're mad that we snuck watermelon into your bed and now it's all sticky and wet...but since your sooo loving and caring, you don't care do you?  Nooo."  said a very sorry Grace.


  1. I've done that too. I have the cups, but if they're dirty, I use a smaller cup and then have to do math to figure out how many to use. Ha.

  2. ha ha soooooooooooo hilarious