Friday, June 17, 2011

Sheep & Shower Curtains...Need I Say More?

First of all, before I start this blog I have to show you my four year that got sick of watching her older sister and brother making jump shots.  Yes, she's in her underwear, standing on a basket that's on a table.  Before you send social services out here, do you remember doing this kind of stuff?  Using your imagination?  I'm pretty proud of her.  Except for the underwear.  I've told her a million times today to put pants on.  What can I say?  If I could ram around in a t-shirt and undies I would too.  But this isn't the Playboy Mansion and I'm not a size 2 so thank goodness for small wonders huh? =)

So, on with the show....

Today Big Daddy and I bought a new "little daddy" for the farm.  I needed a new Babydoll Ram for my flock and after looking and looking, found Jodi Fuller out of Clark, SD.  This is his mug shot, pretty cute looking, wouldn't you say?

This is our mug shot...Jodi and myself.  I'm not so cute at nine AM after driving 2 hours, no makeup on and too tight jeans with a muffin top that I named Priscilla.  (Hey, as much as I've tried it's not going anywhere and I thought well, she will need a name...)

I then grabbed my camera and told Poor Jodi that she was going to be blog material today.  She's such a cutie and so enthusiastic about everything so she took it in stride.  She's an awesome lady.  With awesome sheep and awesome sense of humor.  I told her to be part of my "Most Embarrassing Moments in Agriculture" she said yes!  Woohoo!  Her story will be in two Mondays.  Can't wait to hear what kind of tale she can spin.  I warned her, "it has to be funny!" 

Speaking of funny, that's where the shower curtain comes in.  The other day I was talking to D and mentioned that we needed a shower curtain.  Springtime on the farm and shower curtains don't mix and my cheap self couldn't wash anymore crud off it...the picture was scrubbing off. 

So off Kara, Levi and Ron went to town to pick up some farm supplies and a much needed shower curtain.  You'll notice that I didn't get a picture of the whole thing; our postage size bathroom didn't allow a full picture.  I already had to take this one standing out in the hallway. 

Anyway, this is what they chose.  I looked at it and giggled.  When I was in the shower, I called Ron in the bathroom, "who picked this out?" I said laughing. 
In a small voice, "Well, I did. There wasn't that much to chose from." 
"I feel like if you pulled this back you'd catch Jack Tripper on Three's Company with stewardess or something. It''s so 1970's."
"WHAT?" He said, trying to play cool about this ugly curtain. "You're weird."
That's when I started to sing the theme song, "Come and knock on my door, we've been waiting for you....

Please tell me that you all remember that show?  I know I had a birthday yesterday, but I turned 37, not 87. =)

Happy Trails!


  1. Suzanne, u get a 10 in all three categories. U have such a knack with words. Thanks 4 all the smiles!!!!

  2. I finally had a chance to look up your made me smile! :) And YES I remember that show! I've had just a few more birthdays than you...happy belated!

  3. I shall call my muffin top.......Beverly. She and miss Priscilla must me first cousins. Xoxo terah

  4. What is that saying Terah? If you can't beat'em, join'em? =)

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