Thursday, June 30, 2011

You Can Take The Gal Out Of The Country...

Yesterday I decided I needed to wash my vehicle since it was so dirty.  It's half clean here, but let me tell you,  it wasn't pretty. 

Unfortunately, it was the dog who got most of the scrubbing from the kids...

Again, she's like, "Scrub me with my own poop, as long as you're paying attention to me, I don't care!"

The girls even tried to wash themselves to save me some time from baths.  Well, Dawn does get the grease off...but how about mud?

So this morning I was off to a nice clean vehicle.  That NEVER happens.  When I was in town I felt like I was one of them.  When your a country girl, feeling like a town girl sometimes is nice. 

I ran some errands, then headed to the last stop; the grocery store.  I parked next to the smallest, cutest, newest Lexus I'd ever grey beast actually didn't look too bad by it.  (The deer ding was on the other side.)

After a quick shopping trip, I told the grocery bagger, that "it was the shiny gray Yukon."  All proud like.

But all that changed when I opened the back door to put groceries in it.

The door opened to reveal 140 chicks in two boxes, the faint smell of stale cow manure (I said we washed the outside) and a loud chirping chorus from the fuzzy yellow critters. 

I'm guessing the Lexus only had an air freshener in it.

Happy trails,
Fairchild Farmgirl

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