Monday, June 20, 2011

Crazy Monday with Amanda Radke (The Premeire Edition)

I had wanted to start a series in my blog called "Your Most Embarrassing Moment In Agriculture" and portray a different person each week, highlighting their career (by the by, a Farm Mom is one of the hardest jobs out there so I will probably be portraying them a lot), farm or ranch or just their personality. Then I will link their farm, or blog or website to my blog at the bottom.

My first "victim", she did this willingly, is Amanda Radke; Daily Editor of Beef Magazine, rancher and motivational speaker.  She's  hails from my favorite state to the west of my driveway about 4 miles; South Dakota.


Amanda wasn't sure what to have on here but she thought her lack of cooking experience might be the ticket. She said that it was her "Ag confession", she wasn't a good cook.  Her mom would ask her to help cook and bake, hoping that she'd someday be a help out in the kitchen but she just wanted to throw her boots on and work cattle with her dad. (If that's the case, I have two Amandas at my house...I'm just hoping that they go into large animal veterinary medicine!).

After burning countless batches of cookies and meals for her family, something clicked and she finally figured out that it wasn't how she cooked it was what she cooked.  Now this is where Big D would like Amanda to teach me cooking lessons, her love is being at the grill cooking some good old South Dakota Beef.   (Or like us Minnieesotans say, good ole Sout Dekotans know how to cook, yah?)
So without further adieu,  Amanda....(click on the youtube link!)

Well here she is promoting Beef Magazine, which if you don't get it, you should. It's a good read.
*The boots and hotshot are mine, I couldn't find any of our sorting sticks or paddles, which is what a rancher would use a lot more of. =)  Just sayin'!

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