Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Mouse, May You Rest In Peace...

Having previously mentioned that we are hosting a family reunion this weekend, I can honestly say we've been working our fingers to the bone trying to get this farm in shape.  Right now, I'm so tired I would pass out on the floor and sleep peacefully.  Cut that...I won't be on the floor unless I'm wearing shoes and standing upright.  Here's why:  yesterday Kara found a dead mouse in the laundry room.


As long as we are on the subject of gross, Levi & Maggie found someone's abandoned Easter candy in a cupboard and were hiding in the office eating it.  Jelly beans to be precise. So I can say that I sat in jelly bean spit without noticing it and now my butt is wet.  (Maggie's a heavy drooler) Argh!

So since I'm dog tired and have a jelly bean drool laden booty, I will tell you about this "yuk"  that I normally wouldn't share...with anyone. 


The day started out just like any other, busy.  It's Kara's week to do laundry and she was busy at it until I hear, "Mom, come in here, I have something to show you."
"What is it?"
"Just come in here." She says innocently.

That's a red light if I've ever seen one.

"What?  I'm not going in there if it's something gross." 
At this point, Cody knows what it is, "Mom, you're always saying face your fears.  Here's your chance."

Since when they ever listened to motherly wisdom?

"Big D!  Get that dead mouse out now!"

D laughed, called me a baby but went in there and got it and supposedly took care of it.  A little later I ask him where he put it.  "Garbage."  He said very non chalant. 

WHAT!?! "Get it out of here NOW!" I yelled.  Like it's going to ressurect and crawl up my shirt sleeve.  Which by the way, happened to my sister.  No a mouse didn't rise from the dead, but they were in a feed sack and when she stuck her arm in there to get the scoop it raced up her sleeve around her back and off.  YUCK!

Good gravy I have to call my counselor!

Okay, the counsoler shot me a text and said he moved to Aruba.  Anyway, I can handle spiders, assorted critters, live or dead, but rodents...gee, they freak me out.  I could tell you stories of mice all night long.  Like the time my friend had company and her parents made her sleep on the floor.  Her hair was long and not in a ponytail.  She woke up the next morning with her cat laying next to her head and her hair messy.  He had killed a mouse in her hair. 

Looking in the phone book for a new counselor.

Anyway, I put the same photo up so I could recreate the crime scene.  Not seeing it, I'm guessing this is what it looked like.  Don't worry, this is an actor and he just plays a mouse on this blog, and since it's in the same place as the actual mouse was, he will either be thrown away (momma, where did "Hedgy" go?) or washed 500 times in a row.  Along with that pillow case.  Sorry sheet set that I am most proud of, you will no longer be joining your pillowcase on my bed. 

Like a dummy, I set the scene up as I was getting kids slowly to bed.  As I positioned "Hedgy" I stood up quick to answer the phone and save the last box of Junior Mints from Maggie when I hit my head on the corner of our vet cupboard.  OUCH!  I have a lump.  After that, I quickly changed a diarreah diaper and realized that Jessica needed a bath.  I cleaned her the best I could with a wet wipe and picked her up to bring her to the sink.  (I have a deep sink good for baths) On the way, she peed on my shirt and I got a squirt of poop on my arm.

  • Jelly bean toushy
  • Peed on shirt
  • Pooped on arm
  • Aching lumpy head
I don't know, do I need a counselor, a shower or a wine cooler?

So as my sweet little boy went and got me an ice pack and I sat cursing the very same cabinet that I gushed over just a year earlier ( all my vet stuff togethter in one spot? No way!) I see this, behind the mitten box.  A half eaten apple. 

This is the reason (well one of them) that I don't have my nice beautiful new house that my husband said he will build when hell freezes over.  Big D says we need to take a few hogs from the barn to come in here and eat the food off the floor.  (I have to sweep twice daily) I say we have them, they are called kids and we need to make them take care of their stuff.  Actually it's the little ones who sneak apples and other assorted goodies and eat a few bites and throw them anywhere they please. 

By the way getting back to the mouse.  D thought that since the apple was there along with a plethera of other assorted food goods through the house, that the mouse probably never found posion but died of obesity.

Happy Trails & Cheese Filled Traps,

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  1. Love it! Thanks for stopping by my blog:) About mice, I too would rather not have them around. Right after our 3rd child was born and we had just moved to the country we had an infestation. I wrote about it on my blog and lets just say I was in need of therapy:)