Saturday, June 25, 2011

Crystal Springs Ranch Rodeo

Okay, I'm back from my blog hiatus.  Let me say two things: 

I love the Crystal Springs Ranch Rodeo outside of Clear Lake South Dakota and this blog is going to be largely about Grace and the Crystal Springs Ranch Rodeo.

First of all, the Ranch is so good that I have overcome pregnancy sickness and a sore back from pregnancy, tripped on rocks, stepped in gopher holes and horse poop to sit on a side hill to watch this spectacular event.  I have told Ron that even if I thought I was going into labor, I wouldn't tell him so I wouldn't miss it. 

After all, THERE IS an ambulance there correct? 

Okay 5 kids in 6 years, means that I'm either pregnant or just had a baby around rodeo time.  Whatever...I just won't miss it. 

It sits in a natural "bowl" and the rodeo is at the bottom. We sneak out there days in advance and put out a tarp on the spot that we've had for 6 years. We sit right where the steers are. It's the best spot in the house as far as I'm concerned. 

I don't know what part is my favorite...the broncs, the bulls, the barrel racers, calf roping, my kids asking for more cotton candy and's a toss up.  Although Big D almost tossed up when at the end of the night we spent over $300.  BUT in all fairness, that was dinner (you gotta get food there, come on!) tickets, snacks, a saddle for Grace, a saddle blanket...and a baby sitter for the night for the little kids that were still at home.  Rodeo is serious...we don't bring the little kids.  We watch it!

Ahh, Grace.  She was in Heaven.  This is Nicole sister, Michelle,"Mitch", whom we bought Cocoa, Grace's horse from.  Mitch competes on Cocoa's dad.  She also is the Estaline, South Dakota Rodeo Queen.  If Grace could've gotten the stars out of her eyes for one second or the smile off her excited face, I think she'd have asked Mitch about her horse.  But the tiara on her hat and cool chaps had my poor sweet baby fumbling for words.  All I heard was I like your tiara.  =)  After we walked away, a very determined Grace said. "I'm GONNA be a rodeo queen mom!"  Awesome.

Again, I love seeing all my kids different personalities.  This is Rachel after about 2 hours and all her cotton candy was gone. 

This is Grace, "Mom, is it EVER going to start???"

This is Grace not taking her eyes off the team ropers. 

This is Rachel doing the chicken dance when the clown told us to do it.

This is Grace, "Knock it off with the stupid chicken dance and get the barrel racers." After all, she's into this!

This is the nicest "pick up man" ever, who saw my cutie patootie Grace with the puppy dog eyes watching his horse's every move.  SO, he let my girls pet his horse. 


Finally! Barrel racing!  You can see how excited she is just by her posture. 

Grace with her saddle.  We brought Nicole and Michelle over to the tack guy and made sure this saddle would work for Cocoa.  They approved.

 Anyway, we've spent pretty much the whole weekend out there, Thursday night we actually saw the rodeo, then last night we helped Big D's brother sell wood out there & picnic, now this afternoon we will go out there again, picnic and sell wood again.  It's $65 just for the tickets for us to go, so we only go once.

Well, I better run, the kids are scrambling to get chores done so we can go out there again.  It's only right that I help!

Happy trails,


  1. Awww...I wanna go to a rodeo! I wish there was one around here to go to. :)

  2. that is the absolutely coolest saddle I've ever seen in my entire life!!! Gracie your killing me I'm sooooo jealous! Cowgirl Red