Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Welcome To The Fairchild Vineyard

When I'm not helping Big Daddy in the shop, being hands-on big mamma (!), working cattle, getting pigs back in the pen or running to many sporting events that my kids are in, I'm here....

In our vineyard.

We have 700 vines that turned 3 this year, which means we harvest in August and September.  Yes, after two years of working with them, we can finally stop clipping off clusters and sell them.  This is when a cluster is just formed.  Aren't they cute?

This is the same cluster (well not exactly the same) less than a month later.  They're turning into baby grapes!

There's some really great things about a vineyard.  First off, they're beautiful, some may even say romantic and the obvious reason...the wine!

This is the ugly side of being a vineyard manager.  Or lack of one.  I'm behind...just a little. 

We hired some kids out of our kids' class to come work, by pulling weeds, tucking vines, cutting off suckers, etc.  It's going very well but we'll get to this part of it next week.  =)

Happy trails, speaking of which, look at the book, "Along the Vineyard Trail" its a great read!
Fairchild Farmgirl

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