Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Err, I, Um, Need A Job.

Times are tough here on the farm.  Not for us, for our eldest kids. 

Well actually it's created a heated debate between Ron and I as well.  Don't get me wrong, heated debates are good in a marriage.  This one's just north of an argument, but also more south of casual conversation.

"How much are we going to pay the kids for work done around here?" Big D asked me the other day.

Now some people say that you need to pay kids for chores in the form of allowance, I say yes to that, but not much.  Call me a mean mom, but kids need to pull their weight around the house.  Especially in a large farm houseful such as this one. 

Sorry to inform you all, but I DON'T do all of the housework.  Crazy I know.   I'm very old school in this respect.  Putting in your time according to their age is an important part of teaching a child respect, a good work ethic and character.  Besides, the chore list usually takes the kids a couple hours a day.  SO...I came back with this...

"Are they complaining about their $1 per week?"  I ask.  I know, it sounds horrible BUT we're not all that bad.  If they want a special something they usually get it, because we let them know that we appreciate a job well done.  In other words, we make them earn extras, like games, toys etc.  Also, a meal out is a reward as well.

This is how I grew up and I seriously don't recall wanting for anything.  I had a great life.  I also think "things" or money doesn't equal love, so like a friend said, "Were poor but rich in love.  And that's what matters."

So Ron was thinking that we need to "up" the money for business stuff.  If the kids work in the cabinet shop, the grapes, the apples, the raspberries, pumpkin patch or October fest, they get paid.  We settled on a $1 per hour.  That way, what they make for money depends on how hard they want to work, building that "work ethic" thing some more. We may discuss a raise after 90 days.

I discussed it with Cody.  He liked it.  I discussed it with Kara...she was a fan.  I know Ash will like it as well. 

So I made them time cards, and they will have to fill them out and give them to us on Saturday night.  They'll get paid Monday morning.  I was even thinking of them filling out an application and us "sitting" on it for a while.  After all, Cody's buddies are in town and they are having to fill out apps. as they look for jobs. I just might. 

Anyway, mean mom signing off.  =)

Happy Trails,


  1. All of my kids worked from being babies who could put their toys away to mopping the floors on Monday morning and yes, I paid by the job. I had to laugh because my daughter had her 2 year old and 4 year old mopping the kitchen floor now.
    My son's 3 boys who are 4 and 2 as well can clean just as well.
    I think it just makes for a happier, healthier home.
    My children are almost all grown now and not a single one rebelled. So I think it is a good idea,
    We don't need to muzzle the ox. :)

  2. Your blog is quickly becoming one of my favorites. I grew up on a farm in sw KS and now live on a ranch in the OK panhandle. Love the fact you keep it real! Beaverbelle

  3. Thanks!

    These blogs are a great way to show people about rural life. I love the commnts...keep em coming!