Monday, June 13, 2011

Family, Farm and Festivities

I think this photo sums up our whole weekend.  Lazy, breezy and funny.  The much anticipated, probably not ever duplicated, fun planning family reunion was this past weekend. So that's why I haven't blogged since Thursday night.  Our first guests arrived Friday morning at about 9AM.  I think I'd woulda felt bad saying, "hey, sip on this drink or peel these potatoes while I go blog.". =)

I did go on Face book today and there was some posts over the weekend from some relatives talking about "just hanging on the farm" or "visiting with nieces and nephews".  Hey....I thought I kept everyone too busy for social media!

I think all our toys needed to be gassed up this morning.  This weekend they were they are tools. 

This is my brother Joe.  I can't decide if he's happy because he's on the 4 wheeler or if he's happy he's finally done mowing in the grapes.  Hey don't offer if you don't want to! He actually was the first one who came and offered to help get ready.

Here's Levi and his cousin Maddie playing in the chicken feed...I don't think they were supposed to be in here....

Here's my little sister Sarah trying to pet the pigs.  I love the fact that she stayed with us here at the farm for the weekend.  I hardly ever get to see her. 

Here's my kids corrupting their cousin into climbing over the fence.  Love it!  It seemed like every time she'd come back to the house she was even dirtier than before.  Awesome.

Some of the cousins hanging out...some still in their pjs! =)

Mostly the weekend was about big smiles, scavenger hunts, hog roasting, four wheeling, relaxing by the fire, okay, also weed whipping Big D's flowers by mistake.  Sorry Andy, but the peonies flying through the air and us running screaming at you shouting "STOP!" Still makes me giggle!

But as always, the livestock stole the show and the heart of many including my sister.  I got all these pictures from my sister's camera and there was about a gazillion cattle photos.  All great.

I should have highlighted some more with photo's like my ultra competitive sister running like a track star during the medallion hunt, or my mom and sister-n-law helping me cook up a storm (we fed 40 people the night of the hog roast) I may share some more later down the road, but these were my favs!

Happy trails and have a family get together for Pete's sake.  It's a whole lotta fun!


  1. Thank for visiting, I will look around for the email link, but I did get your email. You have a gorgeous farm. Thanks for stopping by and visiting.
    I followed you by the ways so at least I can follow you. :)

  2. Love the dog pic on top. Wow. Dinner for 40! You made some cherished memories there. It's like when we have company....TH puts everyone to work. They think its play. Wonderful weekend for 6you all. Terah.

  3. The dog smiled!! FUN!!
    Ash B