Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Hey Wait, It's My Birthday Too!

This little bug is Jessica.  And she's also pretty darn cute.  Her hobbies are;

  •  Wailing when you leave the room to see who will drop everything and rush to her side the fastest.  The cries instantly stop and she will keep playing as long as there is someone in her sight.

    • The "yippee" clap.  Nuff said
    • Eating everything in her path.  Ron found a barbie jewel in her diaper about a month ago and we had to discuss again how we can't play with beads or other small things in the living room.
    • Digging in her I won't show you what she finds in there, one kids poop is enough for you poor souls to see.  I won't do it anymore. 

    • She loves everybody and just wants to be held.  Sometimes I wonder if she'd be happiest velcroed to my body. 
    But most of all, she's just another cutie pie Fairchild.  Loved by everybody.  Happy birthday sweet pea...God blessed me with eight babies you being the last....and we love you all.

    Happy Trails,
    Suzanne (mamma)

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      1. Little Miss Jessica is most definitely a cutie pie! And I'm sure she'd love to be velcroed to your body 27/7.....or at least until she dicovers running:)
        P.S. Thanks for visiting my blog earlier today and your kind words:)