Sunday, May 15, 2011

Are You Kidding Me?

There's a big yellow ball in the sky and I think it may just be the sun.  It looks glorious outside.  I know, "glorious?" Who uses that word?  Me. Unfortunately I haven't felt glorious for two days.  I, with most of my kids have the flu.  Some of them even have a little splash of diarrhea (excuse the pun). 

Now, most anyone that even owns a square inch of ground is itching to get outside and get busy in this beautiful weather. Me included. Even though I feel like crud if you don't keep ahead of the weeds, well, rain plus sun equals a mess. 

"Flu Girl, Princess of Puke"; me goes outside. What we focused on was weeding the grapes and the cleaning the hog barn.  I wanted to do the grapes for the obvious reasons.  But you have to hand weed in the rows and we have a little over an acre of grapes. 

I thought I was in the clear, away from any stink when all of the sudden it hits.  The dead smell coming from the hog barn directly in front of me.  I had forgotten that there was a casualty this past winter.  It was so cold with so much snow that we thought we'd wait until it thawed to get it out. Sixty degrees can really thaw out a dead animal fast.  You can't really smell it until you are in the grapes. Weeding while you have the flu.  Darn it, it stunk.

I'm happy to tell you that I made up my mind to be stronger than that stink.  After all I was bathed in sunshine, away from the two littlest ones that still wear diapers and had revolting, smellier than a dead pig diarrhea. 

There was a funny spot today.  Ron told the kids, "if you do anything, do this:  lick each other.  Lick each other's plates, glasses, skin, whatever it takes so you all get this crap at the same time."  Then he takes a drink out of his cup...that had been licked on previously by Maggie aka "Diarrhea Darla", and he turned and went outside.  He also shared a pop with Kara, who is presently dumping out her puke in the toilet. 

The sad thing is, he is being so helpful today.  Maybe he knows that it's inevitable...he's going to get it tomorrow.  But he said this, since his mind is obviously stronger than his body, "I better not get sick.  I have to haul manure tomorrow and there's no windshield wiper on the inside of the cab".

No there's not, buddy.  There's not even room for a puke bowl, but, he doesn't have to go completely unprotected.   He does have a rain suit from when he had a motorcycle...

Happy trails,

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