Tuesday, May 17, 2011


Did I mention that I liked pigs?  Well one more story about them and I will be done for a while.  Fudge the newest heifer calf is begging for the world to see her.  I at least put her on the profile picture.  Hopefully that will shut her up for a while. 

Anyway, I got a call from Big D this morning, he muttered some colorful language and "there's a piglet out running around come help get it."  So after gathering up sweatshirts and shoes, my crew was ready to catch that escapee.  We get outside and we hear, "where's a darn coyote when you need one?" He was madder than heck at that little jail bird.  Little piggy narrowly missed his grasp then headed back into the grapes for his victory lap, loving his freedom. 

In case you didn't know this, piglets are fast. Too fast for two middle aged fat people. 

Here it is.  Entertainment for four giggling, screaming little kids.  I didn't know who squealed more, that piglet or Maggie. Finally, he went into Sweeties pen.  So at least he was in a smaller area. 

We couldn't help but laugh at Rachel and Grace as they tore around the pen trying to catch it.  They were scared to touch the little critter, so they'd chase it into a corner and then it would zip back between their legs back out into the middle of the pen again.  So funny! 

Look at that, even Sweetie wants it out.  It was funny how even she got into running after it.  Naturally Fluff wanted in on the action so she would run the outside of the pen.  If I was a mind reader, I'm betting she'd thought that it would make a good snack.

To those of you who aren't used to small pigs, you hold them by the back legs...why?  They bite!!!  It's also easier to catch by the back legs.  Well, the escape artist was put back in the pen.  The four freebie pigs from yesterday died and were laying outside the pen. (Steve doesn't have the heart to head clunk, so he gives them away.)  As Grace walked past them, she looks at Big D and says, "Dad, can I pet these, they're alot stiller than those other ones."

Happy trails!

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