Monday, May 16, 2011

Piglets Are Here!

Besides my kids, there's not much out there that is as cute as a litter of piglets.  Big D told me the other day that he made a phone call, "that I probably shouldn't have made."  I was a little nervous until I asked who it was to.  When he told me it was to Steve the pig  guy, well I was more than okay with that.

Pigs. I'm convinced that they are the coolest animal out there. They are ready for market quick, they eat all the house scraps, they make good buddies for the dog, they are funny to watch, etc. I love them. 

WAIT...I guess I don't love them 24/7...
they do get big and get out,
dig up your lawn (when they get out),
try to bite you when they get cornered (when you're trying to load or when they're big and your trying to get them back in)
or what makes me want to pick up a 240 pound hog (if I could) and carry them to the butcher shop on my back...when they tear down and eat your grapevines.  In this photograph they are lazing around after their escapade in the vineyard where they ate 40+ vines. 

Okay, maybe I should stick to how cute they are when they are little and not so naughty.  (Wait - am I still talking about the pigs? LOL)  Check out these cute little ladies with the almost as cute four legged little ladies.   Backed up by Steve Hennen, our pig guy. 

Happy trails...and remember, in a mere 6 months be thinking pork chops!

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