Sunday, May 8, 2011

Why Can't We Just Call You Suzanne?

"Why can't we just call you Suzanne?" My little blondie asked very innocently as I was opening all the Mother's Day presents the kids had made for me at school.  Leave it to Rachel to ask the questions that completely come from left field. 

I looked at her and said, " Because I'm your mom, and that's what you call the lady that gave birth to you.  "Besides," I said to her in a completely serious tone, "you can call me that on Suzanne Day."

"I can't wait for Suzanne Day!" she yelled as she went running through the house. "I'm buying mom Barbie high heels for Suzanne Day!" She sang to Grace as she went running past her.  (I must get asked ten times a day if I can, 'puleeeezee get us Barbie high heels.'  Gold ones in fact.)

Wait a minute, having another day to celebrate is okay...isn't it?  I started to think of all the things that a woman shouldn't have to do on her "name day".  No dishes, no laundry....

"Oh mom," Grace says coming up to me and rolling her eyes, "High heels?  You'll break you neck wearing those things." 

So I think I will stick with this...
Happy Mothers Day!

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