Thursday, May 26, 2011

What Kind Of Mother Is She??

This is "One Eye".  Apparently, it's mother doesn't care about it.   Or so some of my kids think.   "One Eye", who is named for obvious reasons, has been showing up in the yard by the trampoline each night when the kids are getting in their last jumps before bath time.  The bird might as well walk up to the dog's dish and crawl right in.  He's lucky that the kids are outside since they've saved his little birdy butt more than once.  Fluffy pounces around it, as it hops ignoring her, which makes the dog even crazier. 

We have another mother who is in questionable standing.  This one carelessly lets her babies jump out of their nesting box.    "Who knows if they even get fed," one of the girls had angrily told me about them being out.  "What kind of mother is she?"

This mother takes the cake.  Her poor son can't stand the yelling anymore from his horrible mom, so he had go get his dad's shop headphones.  Poor kid.

Just kidding. 

Although, that same mother met her daughter in the hallway while she was running to the bathroom in the middle of last night saying that she was going to puke.  AND that MOTHER told her she would leave a puke bowl outside the bathroom.  Then she went to bedDo you think I want to get sick again?  NOT!

We did have a talk about the mothers here at the farm with the little kids. 
Grace thought that the mother robin had left her baby to make new friends.  The baby bunnies were just having quiet time.
Rachel said, "I want some candy!" 
Levi, who lives and breathes hunting, said, "Bird die," in a matter a fact voice, then closed his eyes, stuck out his tongue and dropped to the ground.  This is the kid who watches the hunting channel while everyone else watches Sponge Bob. 

I simply told them that these babies are old enough to experiment new experiences without their mother's constant attention. 

Then, thinking that these mothers were very smart, I told everybody to get their chores done and I for a change, I was not going to help. 

Happy Trails!

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  1. When my daughter was about that size, and running to the bathroom to puke, her mother was screaming. " you better not miss the toilet!". What kind of mother would do that? Me. Terah