Friday, May 6, 2011

Ten Great Things About Fluffy the Farm Dog

  •  Fluffy is always there for you.
  •  She doesn't need expensive toys...the shoes that the kids take off by the trampoline is good enough for her.
  • She doesn't want a fancy old kennel is okay.
  • She only chases the chickens when your not looking (hence no picture).
  • She knows when she has to be "cow bait" so you can check on the pregnant cow in the back of the pen when the others come up for a sniff.
  • Between her and her best friend; Sparky the Donkey, they keep all evil out each night by walking the farm tirelessly and keeping watch from the front porch.

  • She makes a fine babysitter

    • She enjoys a good picnic when she can.

      • She even enjoys cleaning up

        But the number one reason she's a great dog? 

        She's always readily availabe to check if your marshmallow is done of not!

        1 comment:

        1. This is so sweet! I want my very own Fluffy. And my very own farm. Some day. Blessings to you and your family!