Sunday, May 22, 2011

I Don't Need Calgon, Just Get Me The Hell Out Of Here

Rain, rain go away,
my kids need to get out and play.

If these kids don't get out of here,
I may just have to have a beer.

Over and over all I hear is, "I'm bored"
Some one please put me in the mental ward.

Then it's "I'm hungry! What can I eat?
Can you, can you make us a treat?"

Then I tell them, "I know what you can do,
Clean up a mess or two."

Now I see them turn and run,
And now this rhyme is done.

Seriously, even I'm going nuts.  I have to be to make up a dorky poem like that.  It's rained almost an inch today and these kids are like caged animals ready to break out at any moment.

It already started this morning; the kids were trying to sneak out the best they could.  Big D had mouthed "I'm going to do chores."   Apparently he hasn't read the memo that Levi must be able to read lips.  "Me too!" he yelled as he tried to follow his daddy.

When Grace, Ash & I were trying to go to church we had the little kids hanging on us wanting to "go bye-bye", followed by much crying and then puking from Maggie.  After we promised candy from the store, pinky swore and I just plain swore, we were out.  

When lunch was over I got told that the baby had found Maggie's "carpet hairy" sucker and she was now covered in sucker juice.  After that ordeal we put little kids to bed, and I informed the eye rollers that we had to clean some wool.  I reminded them of our goal. They didn't care.  They hate wool.  I got told that.  About 70 times. 

When we finished (a whole hour later) I told them to go work on a project of their choice, which is the upstairs of the barn.  They are turning it into a basketball court and there is still so much old straw and junk from like 20+ years ago.  I would rather see them do that than play on the computer or watch tv any day, and this is something they really want to do.

They had fun with that, but I did make up that stupid rule about D and I being done at 5 PM.  So Kara and I went for a bike ride, in the rain and in the mud and got wet and muddy.  It was awesome, the peace and quiet of the open road was great.   

We get back and were met by chaos..."Mom, Grace just hit hit in me in the booger hole."  Rachel yelled at us at the door and then ran away. 
 Big D is so great because he was starting supper, I laughed and said "Calgon, take us away." and I winked at him.
"Who needs Calgon," He yelled over the screams, giggles, farts, burps and other assorted loud sounds. "Just get me the hell outta here!"

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