Saturday, May 14, 2011

What Some People do For Fun on a Saturday Night.

Finally!  I get to talk shop on rabbits.  I promise I won't mention all the puking my kids are doing in the house today, nor all of the clothes, blankets and pillows (oops, and carpet) that I'm washing either.  Believe's not cool.

Here's what is.  After a tough winter with trying to breed rabbits, reading and studying on it, trying to breed and more reading and studying, (we are still to talking about rabbits!) I finally have babies.  Rabbit babies.  Don't get me wrong, last round I did have quite a few babies, but I also had mothers that killed them or killed them and ate them.  YUK!  When you see a mama eating their's just not right. 

I wanted to share with you what babies look like.  Brand new babies.

They're super disgusting looking aren't they?  When I saw our first litter I about puked.  They are born completely hairless.  They look like little mice.  That first day, I guess I didn't know what I was expecting...fluffy teeny bunnies or what...but they're really gross for the first week!

Here's another example of buying/selling livestock the right way.  When we bought our rabbits, we didn't know the going rate, etc.  I won't embarrass myself by telling you what we paid for them, but it wasn't good.  The thing is, is that we bought someones culls, obviously.  If we were just buying them for butchering, it would be different.  But we bought them for breeding and we sure got a sorry mess of bunnies. 

So back to what I am doing for fun on a Saturday night...humming Bob Seger's tune "Night Moves" and breeding rabbits.  I think I need a life, don't you? =)

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