Friday, May 20, 2011

Meanie Butt and The Girl Who Dares to Say It

Since it's raining out and I don't have any farm news to report, I will introduce you to one of our crazy little ladies.  This is Maggie.  Her alias' are (but not limited to):  Mugga, Mugga Jugga, Belly Bumper and Mags.  Don't let that way too cute smile and those little dolly eyes fool you.  She's got a mean streak in her a mile wide. 

What she's known for:  Belly bumping, throwing stuff, hitting, biting and calling people "Meanie Butt". Oh yeah, she also likes to sneak up on you and bite your big toe.

Here she is after one of her "Meanie Butt" tyraids.  I told her to sit on the steps and within one minute, I went over there and she was sleeping.  This kid doesn't say much, but "Meanie Butt" is the one phrase she calls everybody, even the dog.  I don't know where she heard it from, but she says it a lot during the day. A lot. 

I have to say she is kind of spoiled.  She was born with Laryngeal Malacia, which is an enlarged larynx.  It's gotten almost 100% better since kids grow out of it.  But in the past we haven't let her cry a whole lot, since crying gets her excited, which would get her airway blocked, which would make her get even more excited, she would turn blue just about pass out, then she throws up.  So we avoid that at all cost.  We've all been blessed by her barf on our clothes.

The one thing I don't understand is how her hair gets so crazy. It's so fine that it gets just hideous after a night's sleep. Here she is in all her hair glory. It takes a lot of spray, patience and time to get that fro calmed down.

You know, she does have her sweet moments too.  She's not always hitting her unsuspecting siblings on the head with the hairbrush.  After she knocks the wind out of herself and gets back up from belly bumping, she usually always hugs and kisses a person.  She likes to play the piano (at least for a few seconds), she loves music and dancing.  I know she's mine because she likes to draw.  She's also the only brave enough one to go and pick up a chicken when her three older siblings are too scared too. She does laugh alot and she loves to cook.

 But I still suggest wearing socks to camouflage your big toe if you come over.  Her teeth are like razors!

Happy Trails,


  1. She looks so different since the last time I saw her! She is really looking older, my goodness! I cannot wait to see you all soon!

  2. By the way, this is Sarah

  3. You can see the mischief in her eyes!