Friday, May 27, 2011


This is hands down my favorite season.  Why?  Here's a few reasons:

  • The sheep can graze the vineyard, thus eating the weeds.  They are here until one day they decide to look up and see delicious grape leaves and tender baby grape clusters. Munch...back to the real sheep pasture you grape vine eating butt heads!
  • Baby animals - who can get enough of baby animals? 

  • And speaking of baby you see the small grape bunches? The tips are red.  Aren't they a pretty sight? 

  • The first thunderstorm of the season. Nothing beats a good couple thunder boomers and a nice rain to fall asleep to.

What was I thinking???  Forget about sweet sounding rains and stupid thunder!  We put the kids to bed and walked through the feedlot checking for the "almost" dark.  In the mud and wet poop as we chased the cows to higher ground.  As it poured on us.  Hard.  We've had 1 1/2 inches of rain this afternoon! 

When is summer coming????

Happy muddy trails,

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