Monday, May 30, 2011

The Calm Before The Storm

I'm back.  No, I didn't take two days off and go to a spa or on a short vacation (although, I did go to the grocery store by myself, that counts doesn't it?)

Things on the farm are clicking at an even keel.  But something is coming...THE BUSY SEASON.  Actually, the busy season has started, but I feel really confident about it.  Super weird.  In other words, so far...I'm keeping up. 

BUT, as the busy season looms in the back of my mind, so does the huge list that goes with it.  First of all, if the sun ever comes out and stays for a few days, we have major hay to cut, thanks to all this rain.  Seriously, thanks man upstairs!

Also this week, our cold tunnel will be arriving.  (A cold tunnel is like a greenhouse that doesn't have heat and it's used to extend the growing season.) We've never set one up before so it should be pretty interesting.  D and I will have to both sign that no cussing each other out contract...again.  I think that will have to be tattooed on our bodies before the summer's done.  I want the tunnel set up like the day it comes here, although I know it can't happen that about day 2 of it being here?  I shouldn't talk, I have all the seeds...written on an order form that has to be mailed yet. 

In ten days we have a family reunion here and we are all excited for it...Big D is even getting into the spirit of things.  He made a huge hog roaster out of a big tank.  We love to entertain so this is going to be so fun.  But three days of company means three days of not doing anything chore like, just the necessities.  YIKES!   So not only are we getting the yard ready and beautiful, (YES! can we have a family reunion every year?) we are trying to get a jump on things before we get all this company.

In approximately 12 days, 21 hours, 50 minutes and 30 seconds from....NOW! We have 125 chickens to butcher.  Big D thought that butchering chickens would be a nice addition to the "Amazing Race" challenge we are having with my family. He was thinking his segment could be, "Who can find the first gizzard?", or "who can clean pin feathers off 5 chickens the fastest?" I didn't think that would go over too well.  Besides that, if we were going to do farm stuff, I would rather they do something like, "who can worm a sheep the quickest." or "who can put salve on the buck rabbit's eye infection while he's ripping your arm to shreds".  Hey our Rachel is  good with a box of band aids!

Just when I thought that D couldn't come up with something cooler than the last idea that he had, he comes up with this one:  "lets try burning the weeds in the grapes."  OMG(osh) I think that has to be the best idea yet.  He already did one row and asked me to come out and look at it his progress.  "I know you're gonna see something you don't like, so just say it." He told me as we were walking next to the row.  Am I really that bad? Yeah, I am pretty picky I'll admit it.  But, I couldn't pick anything apart on was awesome!  Now if it would quit raining, we could finish the job!  You know, things have to be perfect in 10 days...

The garden is planted and "fairly" weed free.  Now, we are waiting for the pumpkin patch to be planted.  I do have the seeds for that.  =)

The kids are working on their barn project, and they will be able to have new flooring up there soon.  They are learning a lot.  They have to put railings up around the stairs and other little things, then their rainy day play area will be done.  They are very excited! Evidently, some basketball hoops are going up there too. 

I'm figuring out the design for a 8 foot by 8 foot quilt square for the back side of the barn that people driving by will see from the road.  No one else has one up around here so I'm going to be the rebel.  I think anything to promote our farm is a good thing...and it's super fun to work on that kind of stuff with the kids.

We are also working on a fruit/veggie stand for in town, the pumpkin patch activities, the parade float we will use to promote the farm in area parades, and the list goes on and on, and on, and on...

Happy trails (of paper known as my to-do list!)

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  1. I've seen those barn quilts up in your country before. They are so cool. I want one. We don't have any kids at home. Can you spare a few to help me paint one? Terah