Monday, May 2, 2011

The Ramifications Continue...

Oh Sparky, you need to get a grip.  That donkey is free to roam 22 acres, access to literally tons of feed and adequate shelter.  What does he want?  His pen back. 

In this photo, he saw me coming so the braying at the calf stopped and he was walking over to me like nothing was up.  What I really wanted to get a shot of was him trying to get the half door open which he was working on just minutes before.  He's no dummy, well maybe a little, he was trying to open it from the hinge side!

I'd like to share with you what our little ass had done this morning.  This patch of dirt looks like a blank canvas ready to be planted.  Oh no, there's 450 strawberry plants, soon to be 600 (depending on who's got homework tonight).  When I came out of the bedroom this morning, I saw a fat little donkey going down the row, pulling out the strawberry crown and root and tossing them aside like weeds.  Not eating, just picking and tossing. 

As I was getting my boots on, (pjs still on mind you) I told Grace, "You know, this is your donkey, you should shoo him out of there." 

In the sassiest voice only a 5 year old girl could come up with she retorts back, "I didn't ask for a donkey," as she patted her imaginary horse; "Tuff'" on the neck. "This imaginary horse is all I need and he would never eat anything but grass."

So I went out there, jammy and barn boot clad armed with the cattle paddle.  Of course he sees me, kicks the air and runs, equally sassy as his 5 year old owner. 

Needless to say, the pen better get fixed today.  I just saw him take a look at the house and a big bite of lilly from my flower bed. 

Happy Trails,

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